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Tooth whitening is a process that lightens stains in the tooth enamel (outer layer) and dentine (inner layer) of your teeth, to give your tooth a whiter colour. With improvements in dental health, people are increasingly seeking tooth-whitening treatments to improve their ap...
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Erosion is the loss of the outer surface of the tooth - dental enamel - that is caused by acid attack. This is different from bacterial acid attack that we call tooth decay.  Enamel is the hard outer surface of the tooth seen when we smile and it protects the sensi...
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Tooth-friendly foods and drinks are also those that are recommended for overall general health. Frequent consumption of high sugar containing foods and drinks can contribute to tooth decay. ...
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Pregnancy is a time when women have special health needs. Your teeth and gums maybe affected by your pregnancy, just as other tissues in your body are. If your gumsare in good health before you get pregnant and you clean your teeth well, you are lesslikely to have problems....
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