Dentofacial Aesthetics & Skin Health

The whole face

We all have a concept of holistic health and wellbeing but somehow dentistry until recently has completely ignored the framing tissues. Dentofacial aesthetics include the lips and beyond. All too often people spend considerable time and money improving the health and appearance of their teeth and gums only to find the overall result compromised by deteriorated skin and deficient facial features. Teeth grinding causes wear and facial pain, a gummy smile totally detracts from the end result of anterior ceramic restoration. Fortunately it has been recognized that the very best people to deal with facial rejuvenation and management of facial aesthetics are dentists. We have in-depth knowledge of the anatomy ie: the bones, muscles, nerve and blood supply and ultimately the skin, of the head and neck.

Golden dimension

Using the formulae for “Phi” or the “Golden dimension” we create beautiful smiles. The same dimensions exist in all of nature, sea shells, flowers, an unfolding Koru. The Mona Lisa and the face of Marilyn Monroe all exhibit these ratios which we find so attractive. It is possible to calculate optimal facial features for anyone.

Skin health

A best result can only be achieved when the skin is in good condition. Optimal skin health is certainly an achievable goal. Medical grade cosmeceuticals for home care and utilizing the latest technologies to treat damaged and degraded skin is our first step towards helping our patients develop the very best image of themselves. The plethora of skincare products and “beauty” treatments available can be quite confusing. We have researched and finally chosen one skin care range which is scientifically formulated and easy to use. You won’t be paying for fancy packaging or marketing. The skincareRX range is designed to have a specific action and produce a predictable result.

Our experience

Ros has extensive training in this area and is a member of the Australian Academy of Dentofacial Aesthetics. She and key members of her team have also been trained and educated with regard to the use and delivery of skin care products and various treatments. Come and have a chat. There is a healthy, strong and vibrant version of all of us, just waiting to show up.