Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a possible solution for missing teeth

Advances in materials, science and technology allows us now to achieve things we only dreamed of 20 years ago. Putting a “screw” into a jawbone and attaching a “tooth” to it is no longer a fantasy. Dental implant surgery or “implant dentistry” is commonplace now and many people who lose one or more teeth can consider dental implants as an option for tooth replacement. Placing implants requires great skill if one is to achieve a long term positive prognosis. And once an implant is ready to have a tooth placed on top, careful loading, consideration of the appearance, quality components and an experienced implant restorative technician all play a part in ensuring positive results. Careful assessment of the site and the patient’s general health is also very important at the outset.

Our dentists have expertise and experience performing implant dentistry

At Cambridge Dental, we are very fortunate to have Rob Aitken who is recognized as one of New Zealand’s leading experts in the field of implant restoration and Dennis Shepherd, the prosthodontist, who has been placing implants for over 30 years. This level of restorative dentistry is very achievable and highly successful when it is performed by experts. In view of the considerable commitment made by our patients in terms of cost, time and morbidity, we are transparent and accountable for the treatment we deliver. We make certain that people are aware of the prognosis and possible complications of their treatment and that they have no doubts or unanswered questions before they proceed. If you have one or more missing teeth, we encourage you to contact our friendly reception staff to make an appointment so that we can discuss your specific needs.

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