Cosmetic dentistry

Our approach to cosmetic dentistry

First do no harm. I am sure many of you have heard this phrase. And it especially applies to this field of dentistry. In fact a better term might be ‘aesthetic dentistry’. Achieving a beautiful smile is of course something we would all love. Our face is our presentation to the world. It’s a well known fact that good looking people are often more successful in life. They get better jobs, people treat them better and they find it easier to attract a partner. So why not pop into the cosmetic dentist and get a new bright, white smile? All that glitters is not gold. Another goody and an oldie still true. A beautiful smile that only lasts a few years at best is probably not a choice most people would make. Every single person is unique and should be managed as such. Understanding your particular dental reality and what could be achieved with an expectation of a good long term result is an entirely individual thing. We believe that beauty and health can go hand in hand. It is my privilege to walk down the main street of our lovely village, or pop into the supermarket and see evidence of that every day. We invite you to book an appointment so that we can discuss your cosmetic goals and the dentistry options that are available to you.